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Black Lint Free Undereye Pads

$1.00 CAD

Black Lint Free Gel Undereye Pads

Black Lint Free Gel Undereye Pads are ideal for clients with blonde lashes making it easier to see them while applying eyelash extensions. These are similar to our white undereye pads which are used to cover the bottom lashes and at the same time hydrate under eye skin. 

  • 1 pair or 10 pairs available 
  • Holds all the lower lashes down for lash extension procedures
  • They do not ooze into your eyes.
  • Makes your skin feel cool and refreshed.
  • Each pair is individually wrapped in foil packaging.
  • Aseptically packed
  • Great for lash extensions, lash tinting, and lash removing!

For Professional Use Only. Please note that you may be requested to provide proof of eyelash extensions certification after your purchase!