Professional Lash Tweezers

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    Isolate natural eyelashes and apply eyelash extensions with professional lash tweezers. Our selection of eyelash tweezers makes it more comfortable for lash artists to complete their work. All of our tweezers are hand picked, quality tested, low/medium tension and low weight.

    Select and separate lashes throughout the application process with reliable lash applicator tweezers. Our inventory of straight, curved, and L-shaped eyelash tweezers can serve you and your clients in a variety of ways throughout the appointment.

    Whether you need a tool to isolate lashes, apply classic lash extensions, or create volume fans, we have you covered. Use professional eyelash tweezers to isolate natural lashes and form the foundation for beautiful eyelash extensions. Then use your specialized eyelash extension tweezers to apply different lash styles. Shop with us today for professional lash tweezers.