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Flutter with Flair is an all-inclusive Canadian based lash company that specializes in eyelash extensions, stellar supplies and comprehensive lash training.
Tanvi Patel is the founder of Flutter with Flair, Master Lash Artist and a NALA Certified Lash Educator. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from University of Toronto and Master of Public Health from University of Waterloo. Her educational background and training in the lash industry gives her a unique understanding of the chemistry behind eyelash extensions. Throughout the years, she has surpassed industry standards, continued to upgrade her lash education and kept up with the latest trends and products.


Flutter with Flair is grounded in these core values

  • Safety and Quality: Promote eyelash health through proper application, safe and sanitary environment and highest quality products
  • Integrity and Professionalism: Maintain certification and act with integrity and professionalism 
  • Accountability: Never make false claims or promises and stay informed of legislation changes
  • Partnerships: Collaborate with world-renowned lash brands and lash artists


I entered the lash industry in 2015, determined to be one of the aspiring and sought-after lash artists. However, my dreams came to a halt when I discovered that I was allergic to the adhesive (exact ingredients still unknown). As the old saying goes, where there is a will there is a way. After researching, I found my way of preventing the glue from affecting me so I can continue to apply eyelash extensions.
In 2016, I started my home-based lash studio providing professional eyelash extensions services. Having the privilege to work with clients from various different backgrounds, including ethnicity, careers and personalities, I knew I needed products to meet the needs of various clients. After testing products from multiple different companies across the world, I decided to create a platform that would allow lash artists to choose the best brands in our industry today!
Stay tuned as I continue to work with industry leaders to bring you the world-renowned brands at your doorstep.
These products are for professional use only but ideal for both beginners and experts in the field. 


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