Online Course Classic and Volume Combination
    from ¥2,704.03

    Take our comprehensive online course in classic and volume lashes. After earning your online lash certification, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to create a variety of lash styles.

    In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to maintain you and your clients' health and safety. You'll learn how eyelash extension products work and the anatomy of eyes and lashes, empowering you to provide expert advice and care to your clients. Our online lash course also teaches you how to perform a consultation that yields must-have information and sets expectations.

    With the accompanying student starter lash kit, you'll learn how to apply and remove lashes. You'll practice techniques to achieve different effects and discover tips, tricks, and general guidelines regarding applying lash designs to different eye shapes.

    Our comprehensive online eyelash extension course also covers business details including marketing, pricing, and legal considerations. Jumpstart your career with our online lash course today.