Why you need anti-allergy gel during lash extensions

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Why you need anti-allergy gel during lash extensions

As the lash adhesives cure during lash extensions, it releases fumes in the air that you’re breathing in that can be harmful for you and your clients.

Cyanoacrylate is a main ingredient in lash glues which is safe for the eyes as long as it’s handled properly. Lash glues come in a liquid form that becomes hard when it’s exposed to moisture. However, during this hardening or curing process, there are fumes released in the air that are not safe to be inhaling. Although the levels of fumes in the air are minimal and you may not be impacted by it as first exposure, they can be harmful overtime.

Imagine doing 4-5 lash clients a day. That’s a full day of work and hours of exposure in a single day!

What can lash fumes do to your health?

For lash artists, lash fumes can irritate the respiratory tract and skin. This means you could have a hacking cough, runny nose, sinusitis, sneezing, and difficulty breathing with long exposure. Your sense of smell will also be impacted because your nose is too inflamed!

For clients, similar symptoms can be experienced but they are also more likely to experience skin irritation because the lash extensions are so close to the eyelids and underarms.

What can you do to minimize the lash fumes in the air?

Work in a well ventilated work-space

Air circulation is really important. This could mean you need to open up the windows for the clean air to enter while the lash fumes exit. Open up the main door so you’re not working in a closed environment.

Use an air-purifiier

Air purifier are a perfect way to absorb the fumes in the air. They can help you breathe clean air by removing those allergens and irritants. You don’t need fancy $1000 air purifier. You can have a mini one that you can place right next to your work station that you can buy for less than $100.

Use anti-allergy gel

Purify is our anti-allergy gel that you can place beside your client during the lash application. This will help absorb harmful fumes from the glue which in turn will protect both yourself and your client from inhaling the fumes. This will also help reduce allergic reactions! Anti-allergy gel absorbs and detoxifies harmful substances generated from the glue. It also protects lash extensions artists from inhaling those fumes. For your clients, it will protect them being exposed to allergens which will minimize allergic reactions.


How do you use the anti-allergy gel during lash extensions?

It’s super easy to use Purify, our anti-allergy gel. Here is how:

  1. Open lid and place it near the glue plate
  2. Leave the jar open during the application
  3. The jar is good for 6 months after opening
  4. Use one jar for one lash workstation


Grab one or two jars for your lash station:

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