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applying eye patch on a client for lash extensions


Our mission is to provide the utmost quality and service to our lash professionals. We aim to promote eyelash health through a safe and sanitary environment and the highest quality eyelash extension products. Our array of high-quality professional lash supplies will please lash artists and help create stunning results for their clients.

Online Course Classic and Volume Combination

Online Course Classic and Volume Combination

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In this comprehensive lash training course, gain the knowledge, experience, and confidence to get started as a lash extension artist. Our course grows your understanding of how eyelash extension products work and teaches you techniques that deliver beautiful results. Explore marketing, pricing, and legal considerations for your lash business.  


All tweezers have been hand picked and quality tested. Use straight, curved, and L-shaped tweezers to isolate natural lashes, apply extensions, and maximize volume.
F804 - Sharp L-Type Volume Tweezer - Flutter with Flair Inc.
F804 - Sharp L-Type Volume Tweezer
curved lash tweezer
F801 - Semi Curved Tweezer
F802 - Curved Tweezer - Flutter with Flair Inc.
F802 - Curved Tweezer
straight lash tweezer
F805 - Straight Tweezer
F803 - Standard Volume Tweezer - Flutter with Flair Inc.
F803 - Standard Volume Tweezer
Aurora - Boot Volume Tweezer - Flutter with Flair Inc.
Aurora - Boot Volume Tweezer
Raven - Boot Volume Tweezer - Flutter with Flair Inc.
Raven - Boot Volume Tweezer
45 degree volume lash tweezer
Artemis Angled Tweezer - 14 cm


Amazing products ! They were so generous to send me a complimentary eyelash extension glue ! Thank you so much.

Nandini G

The glue shaker is just as described! I love using it to shake my glue. The shipping was unbelievably fast as well. Thank you for your exceptional service!

Lisa L

I just received my order and wanted to say thank you! It's like Christmas when I get my orders the packaging is always so pretty and I was so pleasantly surprised when I seen the mascara wands on top! I love em what a nice gift thank you :)

Michelle C

My pigment shaker stopped working 4 months after I bought it. Not sure how but it just decided to stop working. I emailed the company about it and they replied right away and sent me a replacement. I got it only a few days later! They have the best customer service ever AND they even added like 5 under eye patches which I absolutely love more than the ones I use. Thank you for the great customer service and products!

Yvonne C

I LOVE this super bonder! Before using this item, I was getting horrible retention with my clients. After switching to your adhesive and then applying a super bonder, my retention is anywhere from 2-4 weeks :)

Kelsey E

BEST EASY FAN LASHES. These are great if you're new at making fans, theres no tacky layer on the base of the lashes & they form into a beautiful thin base when you use your adhesive! I love these so much

Anne L

Best volume lashes! Loooove these lashes!!!! Super easy to fan and such great quality. They look stunning on my clients.

Skye B

Allure adhesive - Love this adhesive! Dry time is perfect for me and I find it has a magnetic pull to the natural lash!

Kelsey E