Professional Eyelash Application Tools and Lash Accessories

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    white mascara wands with pink handle
    Disposable Mascara Wands (50 wands/box)
    pink lint free lip brushes
    Lint Free Applicators (40 pcs/ pack)
    Microbrushes 100pcs/bag - Flutter with Flair Inc.
    Microbrushes 100pcs/bag
    Silicone Mascara Wands (50 Pcs/ Pack) - Flutter with Flair Inc.
    Silicone Mascara Wands (50 Pcs/ Pack)
    Purify | Anti-Allergy Gel - Flutter with Flair Inc.
    Purify | Anti-Allergy Gel
    Lash glue mixer
    Lash Glue Mixer | Mini Vortex
    Silicone Tapes
    Silicone Pro Tape
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    lint free gel undereye pads laying over a pink tile
    Lint Free Gel Undereye Pads
    À partir de $0.52
    pink mini cooli on white background in the middle of a circular dish
    Mini Cooli Portable Air Conditioning Fan
    Flower Glue Cups (100 pcs/ pack) - Flutter with Flair Inc.
    Flower Glue Cups (100 pcs/ pack)
    Glue Ring Cups - 1 cm (100 Pcs/ Pack) - Flutter with Flair Inc.
    Glue Ring Cups - 1 cm (100 Pcs/ Pack)
    Nano Mister - Flutter with Flair Inc.
    Nano Mister

    All lash application tools you need to help you provide a great client experience. Professional eyelash application tools help you deftly apply lashes and create looks that clients rave about. High-quality eyelash accessories and lash application tools make a difference during application and in the final outcome.

    Our eyelash accessories and professional eyelash application tools enable you to brush, clean, glue, and remove eyelash extensions as needed. Our selection includes silicone and disposable mascara wands, microbrushes, tape, and more.

    Use durable lash accessories, such as our glue storage container, to keep your supplies clean, organized, and in perfect condition. Save time with our lash glue mixer which thoroughly mixes your glue ingredients in seconds. Invest in professional eyelash application tools for your lash artistry business today.