pink mini cooli on white background in the middle of a circular dish
black mini cooli fan used for eyelash extensions on white background in a white ceramic dish

Mini Cooli Portable Air Conditioning Fan

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Mini Cooli Fan

Mini Cooli Air Conditioning Fan can be used during and after lash application to provide a cooling sensation to clients with extremely sensitive eyes. It can also be used to dry the glue after the completing a set. 


  • Portable & Mini & Lightweight.
  • Anti-dust design.
  • Convenience to clean. Easy to operate. Long lifetime.
  • Excellent cooling performance. Air Conditioner cooling system.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery. Adjustable Stainless steel holder. Water-cooled sponge. A strap for easy carry.

Fully charge before first usage(Indicator light turn to green). 
Open the backside cover and take out the sponge. (Rinse sponge with detergent before first usage). 
Wet the sponge by soaking in water for 1-2 mins, make sure no overflowing. Put it back into the mini cooli.

1. This machine isn't waterproof, so when you wet the sponge, please take it out.
2. Don't fill too much water into the sponge in case the water will spill out and wet the machine.
3. Remember to take the sponge out and dry it when you don't use the fan.

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